Animation workflow: Blender > FBX > PC

Hi, I’ve got a test project where someone handed me a 3D model which I’ve taken to blender and exported to FBX and then to Playcanvas. The question I have is about animations:


The model has many parts and each part animates simultaneously but separately - there is no armature animation. When I bring the FBX to PC, I get an animation file for each part. It seems like a poor way to control the model, I assume I’m missing something?

What would be the best way to manage and get those animations into Playcanvas and control it as a whole? I want to play animation via code (play, pause, play in reverse etc).


Ah! Sorry, I got it.

I exported the FBX with the All Actions unticked, which meant that I got all the animations in one, combined Scene.glb animation.

Blender FBX export:

Playcanvas editor: