Animation of Skinned Mesh Object loops with a1 second pause

I have created a file just importing an FBX with a loopable animation of a skinned mesh and put it in Playcanvas and check loop with the animation script. For some reason, the animation pauses after each loop for a second and then continues playing. That breaks the feeling of continuity. Has anyone any idea why that is.

Cheers Clarence

Is the animation 30fps in the source?

3dsmax says it is NTSC that could mean that it runs with 29 fps.
Is there a supported framerate?

More so asking because I wanted to check the animation length.

599 frames at 29fps is 20.6 secs but our importer seems to think its 21.X secs :thinking:

@slimbuck Can you think of anything that would add extra time to an animation?

Not really the animation is looping correct sketchfab, so i don’t know what is wrong with it.
I had another animation of the same object where the break was about 10 seconds long before the loop came up agian. Could not figure it out. When you look at the animation .glb File in the playcanvas viewer it also looks like all is ok.

It still has the one second gap at the end for me using the GLB generated from FBX by PlayCanvas (Monkey model)

I was also asking @slimbuck about our importer as he does quite a bit of work on it :grimacing:

Added issue: