Animation not loading properly

Hello everyone!
It’s the first time I use playcanvas and I’m having some trouble. In this case, I’m trying to load a motorbike with some animations, but the wheels don’t move proppely. This is the project
I upoload a .dae file, which brings a .json file, a texture and an animation. This same file runs well when imported to Unity or Maya, but here in playcanvas the wheels are shaking. Do you know why could this be happening or how to fix it? which is the propper way to export from maya? Thank you

Hello, the best way is to export the file in fbx and import that, that way it should work.

@ayrin is correct. It works if you use FBX instead of DAE.

I’m not sure why the animation is messed up for DAE. Collada is a supported format, but at least FBX seems fine.

Don’t know why that happens, sometime format can change slightly when they uprage software version and that can mess up some import/export i got through the same with mixamo and 3ds max the bvh files of animation worked fine since some time ago and now i have to convert bvh to bip to make it work. Anyway the project seems a bike racing…am i right?

Thank you
I tried importing the file to Maya and exporting it again as FBX, and I have the same problem.
I tried the same process with 3Ds Max and I got the same ressult as @will. The animation is fixed but there is a piece of the motorbike that is displaced to a wrong location:

Can someone tell me what parameters to use when exporting from maya?

@ayrin I don’t know the formats (bvh, bip), what are they for? does playcanvas support them?

@Santi_3D i don’t know about maya so i tell you about issues with 3ds max, when exporting in fbx i need a skin modifier and not a mesh modifier or will mess up the model, about bip and bvh are formats for animations but if u use your own animation that isn’t important for you. If a piece of model is misplaced could also be is not linked in the right way to the body. Sometime you don’t notice that in 3d program but comes out when you export it. That’s as far as my knowledge go :slight_smile:

Ok, I managed to do it after a lot of trial-error. I still don’t know what the problem was, but it worked for me.
I exported a .DAE file from Maya. Then I imported it to 3Ds Max and exported it again as an FBX file. I obtainted this ressult (same as @will )

As you can see there is a piece that is in the wrong position:

This piece was a different mesh in the original Maya file. I joined it together with the rest of the motorbike, and then repeated the process (export as DAE, import in 3Dmax, export as FBX). The resulting file seems to work fine.

When I exported the FBX stright from maya, it didn’t work well in playcanvas, that’s why I had to do it so convoluted.
I still don’t know the root of the problem, but I wanted to share how I fixed it.

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