Animation Not Loading Correctly

I am having trouble loading the skateboarding maximo animation. When I import it into the project and set it up with the stategrah, when I load into the game, the player folds in half in a way. Did I import it with the wrong settings? Here is my project editor:
And here is the project overview:
Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! :smile:


I am not sure whatโ€™s the issue, but I remember Iโ€™ve stumbled that kind of behavior myself in the past.

What fixed it for me was instead of importing just the animation and trying to get it to work with the skinned model from the example, to export from mixamo a complete skin with the animation.

That is a full character model imported in PlayCanvas together with the animation. Give it a try in case it helps.

Oh, ok. I will try that now! Thanks so much for the help! :smile:

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