Animation is not exported from

Hello, i built a model with, and the animation didn’t import. The creator said that the animation uploaded fine into Unity and 3DSMax. I think there might be a bug on your end as well as their’s. Please fix, don’t let Unity beat you!

Hi, could you please upload a troubling model and other related assets so we can test them to replicate problem you are experiencing?

Yes, but to where? I can’t upload it to here.

dropbox, wetransfer, google drive, any other file sharing services will do.

Ok, i have it in Drive already.

Could you share a link?

You need to share those files, they are private atm.

I changed them to edit. Some are textureless because it’s too much of a pain to edit them in

They’re still not accessible. Before replying again, please test the links with a Chrome Incognito tab. :wink:

I shared them. Look at “shared with me”. My school’s servers prevent the link sharing.

You’ve shared only one file it has no animation inside.

I know. He said there was one though. I think his model editor is screwed.

This file has no animation inside of it, then problem is not with playcanvas, but exporting of fbx from your modelling tools.

Just wanted to make sur. Like I said, he said he got the animation into Unity and 3DS Max.

The bug was fixed!!!

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