Animation Help Please

In this script when an entity sees one other entity I want it to play a certain animation
if it does not see the entity it plays another animation

Hi @Mason_Rocchio,

For triggering a certain animation based on a certain condition this tutorial can be of help:

Now, the concept of one entity seeing another is a bit vague. Usually it means creating a line of sight on a specified angle and checking if the other entity is in that line or not.

@albertos any tips on how to approach that? I think you did something similar in your game?

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The Basic enemy AI that I made for you, has this functionality. The boolean this.enemyCanSeeTarget controls if the enemy can see the target, including the line of sight that @Leonidas mentoined.

if (this.enemyCanSeeTarget) {
    // change animation here
else {
    // change animation here

oh thank you