Animation errors with new Import Hierarchy workflow


I’m getting wierd errors for my animations with the new import workflow.
It look’s like some bones are rotated 90°

Here is a little test project:

Same model and animation. One is imported with the new workflow and the other with the old workflow.

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any thoughts @Elliott

Interesting, doesn’t seem to be animation related as using the Anim component with the Model Component works fine:

Investigated a bit. Looks like the old Model method, there is an extra node called ‘RootNode’ created:

When I mimic this with the render component hierarchy by creating a new Entity and having the template as a child, that runs correctly as well:

I’ve updated the project:

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May also be worth mentioning that the animation paths are like the following:


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Just tested your workaround and it seems to work. So is this an import error with the new hierarchy workflow?

Maybe? This is something to be looked at with Elliott and Martin as it should work in it’s previous state to my knowledge

Created a ticket to track this issue:

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I just want to chime in that this is a problem for us as well. Animated objects that worked using the old method doesn’t work with Import Hierarchy enabled. We can work around it by manually adding a dummy object in our modeling package (to act as our RootNode), then parenting the bones and mesh to it before exporting.