Animation blend, every keypress changes animation

Firstly, how do i post code in here so it shows up in a box?

The animation transition and blending is working, but now for some reason every key makes the walking animation happen, here is the code.

var AnimationBlending = pc.createScript('animationBlending');

AnimationBlending.states = {
    idle: {
        animation: 'idle'
    walking: {
        animation: 'walking'

// initialize code called once per entity
AnimationBlending.prototype.initialize = function() {
    this.blendTime = 0.2;

    this.setState('idle');, this.keyDown, this);, this.keyUp, this);

AnimationBlending.prototype.setState = function (state) {
    var states = AnimationBlending.states;

    this.state = state;
    // Set the current animation, taking 0.2 seconds to blend from
    // the current animation state to the start of the target animation.[state].animation, this.blendTime);

AnimationBlending.prototype.keyDown = function (e) {
    if ((e.key === pc.KEY_W || pc.KEY_A || pc.KEY_S || pc.KEY_D) && (this.state !== 'walking')) {

AnimationBlending.prototype.keyUp = function (e) {
    if ((e.key === pc.KEY_W || pc.KEY_A || pc.KEY_S || pc.KEY_D) && (this.state === 'walking')) {

Hi @Aaron_B!
This is happening because your animation blending or playerAnimationHandler is just making it walk foward, left, right and back in the same animation.

Look, it says


You have set it to W A S D. (So every direction you go in it goes in the walking animation)

@Gabriel_Dobrzynski I shoulda been more specific my apologies. Im good with how it works with each of those keys. Every OTHER key makes the walking animation play. like P, T, K etc…

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Hello @Aaron_B!

Probably the reason is your if statements. Try to do the same for every key as you do for the first key in your if statements.


You need e.key === in each part

    (e.key === pc.KEY_W || e.key === pc.KEY_A || e.key === pc.KEY_S || e.key === pc.KEY_D)

EDIT: @Albertos already answered


Thank you to all of you for helping! SOLVED

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