Animated sprite is working on macbook but not on android?

@yaustar please check this bug.

Can you post a sample project with the issue for people to look at please?

@yaustar Here is sample project for the bug.

The issue is that for most android devices, the max texture size supported is 4096 x 4096. Your sprite texture is over that size. You need to resize, change or split the texture so it fits in 4096 x 4096

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@yaustar I did split the textures into two both under 4k and created texture atlas plus sprite. How could we combine them into one?

You can’t combine them into one. If it’s a single animation, you have to make it fit in a single 4K texture

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Related issue: >4K sprite texture as UI element does not render correctly when spriteFrame is changed · Issue #3119 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub