Animated Sprite batching doesn't work

Hi everyone. can you put multiple sprites in one batch group to optimize the draw calls?

I looked into it and couldn’t find much in forums. I tried this script but it doesn’t work.

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sample scene:

Hi @Majid_Ahmady,

I gave it a try and batching doesn’t work with animated sprites, even when they use the same texture atlas.

@mvaligursky @yaustar do you think this is something that can be supported eventually?


Thank you Leonidas

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Hmm, I wonder if it’s because an animated sprite has several meshes, one for each frame :thinking:

We do have a ticket open for this though. Please do comment to bump the need for this:

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Yep, as Steven mentioned, we have a ticket … but it cannot work directly with current batching system as it does not handle the logic of the animation … it handles only static meshes as such.