Animated curtain from Blender to Playcanvas

I will export a animated object from blender in to playcanvas like in this video Animated curtain from Blender to Unity - YouTube.
I made object in blender make cloth simulation and than i convert the simulation to blend shapes with Lightwave point cache(.mdd).At the and i export it into playcanvas as fbx.
But in playcanvas i have no animation.

Can you post the project with the models/animation files for people to look at please?

Here is the sample project
I imported from blender a cube with location animation and a plane with shape keys(morphtargets).

  1. add the animation component to template with the state graph.
  2. add the animation(Cube|CubeAction.glb) to the anim component.

wen i launch the project i can see cube animation but not planes shape key animation.
I can see the shape keys in the viewer but not cube animation.
I can’t play the shape keys in viewer to.
Only wen i import the plane alone in to playcanvas as bin glb than i can see the animation played.
Before new animation system i can see the animation in editor but in new version i can only see the animation wen i launch. Maybe i make some mistake.

How can i fix this problem ?
How can i get both animation working?