anim.setTrigger and anim.resetTrigger

Is there a clear example on this anywhere?

Hi @groupsjrBrianDouglas,

Check this example, how it handles jumping:

I had something similar but it never triggered the animation, Is there an image of your animStateGraph?



Hi @groupsjrBrianDouglas! Maybe your trigger is overruled by other states. If you share a link to your project, we can take a look.

There are no other states attached to it. Let me set up a demo, unfortunately at this point I can’t share the link for the more realized project. I’ll get something up in a bit.

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@Albertos @Leonidas I am attaching some screenshots of my stateGraph. I have set it to use a bool which works but would prefer a trigger, seems cleaner. This was my solution to the trigger issue. Sorry got involved in some other issues. I am assuming the issue lies in my graph.

How do you set the bool?

In a script attached to a button

The result is that it stays in your Idle state? I don’t see anything wrong in your animStateGraph.

Exactly. It won’t move to the attack state.

Did you check if the button is working as expected? Can I see your button script please?

It’s a generic button so you can set the type and it forks on that. You can see the commented out Trigger call.

`ButtonControl.prototype.setState = function(bool, name) {
    if(name =={
        this.state = !this.state;
        this.entity.anim.setBoolean('State_b', this.state);
        if(this.type == 0){
      'RpgControl:Speed', 0.1);             
      'RpgControl:Speed', 0.3);
  'RpgControl:Walking', this.state);
            return false;

        if(this.type == 1){
           /*  if(!this.state){
      'RpgControl:Speed', 0.1);             
      'RpgControl:Speed', 0.3);
            } */
            console.log("fire attack", this.state);
            return false;
    /* this.nextPosition = position; */

and the trigger call in the rpg had been


Yes, but we don’t set a trigger anymore but a bool, right?

I see you start with'RpgControl:Attack',this.state);. Did you check the result of console.log(this.state); and can I see the other part that set the bool of the animStateGraph?

That is the boolean method, the trigger method “‘RpgControl:TriggerAttack’);” never had that. As you can see it was commented out.

I’m getting a little confused now. What problem are we solving? From the bool or from the trigger?

The bool works fine
the trigger was not firing
I would prefer to use a trigger. It’s cleaner

Ah, alright. My bad.

How do you prevent the state is changing before the animation is finished, after you fired the trigger? I’m not sure, but as far as I know there is no option right now to let the animStateGraph wait until the animation is finished.

Edit: This is only the case if you use Any State. If you don’t use Any State you can use exit time of the transition for this.

I use triggers here. The Editor setup is slightly different due to the use of the Bitmojis but you should be able to see how it is setup

Thank’s I’ll check those out.