Anim Blending time ignored in State Graph


I have an “Idle” animation, that is 2 frames long, both frames the entity is in the same position. I also have a floating animation, that is 50 seconds long. Both of them are set to loop. I’ve set up a state graph, and added 2 seconds to each for the transition. Using Triggers, it switches between the two animation states but not quiet how it should.

Basically instead of switching into the Idle animation, the anim just stops in the levitation part wherever it is.

Secondly, there is a huge visible pop when going to Levitate the second time, completely ignoring the 2 seconds blend time.

This is how the animation graph looks like:

Calling @Elliott, he may know more on this.

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Hi @at_3DigitStudio, I haven’t got a clear idea how to resolve this off the top of my head. Would it be possible to add me to the project that has the issue? My username is: ellthompson


Hi @Elliott!

I have added you to the project (JPA Williams Airtek). The UI is created separately in the local download, you can test the functionality with the developer console.

Great, thanks @at_3DigitStudio . I’ll take a look

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Quick update. Looking at the console, I also get some warnings when changing from one animation to another:

Anim Binder: Multiple animation curves with the path Bone_zero/graph/localPosition are present in the Root/AnimS1 graph which may result in the incorrect binding of animations