Anim Binder warnings in console

I have some warnings about Anim Binder but I have no idea if I do something wrong. Does anyone know where these warnings are coming from and how I can solve this?


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@Elliott This error comes up when the animation rig doesn’t match the model’s right? Or that there are graph nodes with the same name and therefore path?

This occurs when the animation binder can’t find the animated bones in the models graph by full path. Therefore it has to look them up my bone name only. This means the hierarchy structure of the model’s graph differs from that of the animation file and there are multiple bones with the same name. When the binder has to bind by bone name only (rather than full paths) due to a mismatch in the model and animation hierarchies, it warns about any groups of animated bones which have the same bone name but different full paths. In this scenario you may end up with animations for the hip/spine/spine bone binding to the hip/spine bone.

The fix would be to check for any mismatches in structure of your model / animation files or to use unique names throughout the hierarchy.


Thanks for your explanation @Elliott! I’ll see if I can find where the difference is. Fortunately, the animation works as expected.