An executable editor outside the web

Hey what’s up? Maybe as many have wondered if there is not an Editor to download, I understand that this does not exist at the moment, but I want to ask, I am wanting to make one based on Tauri as a web rendering engine using the libraries that provide open source, but I would like to consult and comment here if it affects in some way the business model that has, how it can affect this and if you like the idea.

The PlayCanvas engine is MIT open source so you are more than welcome to write your own Editor for it and even create your own revenue model for it if you wish.

You can even use PCUI which is our open source UI framework that we using for our Editor too.

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Great, thank you very much, but my question was more for consulting if it affected your business model, talking about your version manager and cloud projects, if there is no problem I think it’s great

Hmm, it might do but even then, we still would like to encourage users to use our open source products for their own projects, even if it’s for their own Editor :slight_smile:

Our long term goal is to make as much of the client facing product open source. This includes our Editor frontend too!