Among Us Wire Scene

Hello everyone, am I trying to implement a moving wire into playcanvas


I have entites which can be grabbed and moved via a raycaster, this is what I think I will use for a wire end.

I do not know how to get the wire to follow this end part of the wire however, if that makes sense. Has anyone achieved similar?


Adam Burgess

Hi @adamburgess38,

I haven’t seen a public project doing this, but it can be done using drawLine Application | PlayCanvas API Reference where you can input in the start position and the current mouse position as the ending position, unfortunately you cannot increase the thickness of the lines using drawLine, so to overcome that you would have to generate mesh at run time from the start point to the end point Mesh | PlayCanvas API Reference . Example: PlayCanvas Examples

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Found this project by @LeXXik, it would help you in making those wires connection