Ammo. which ammo?

he …
i have this one project which is so overloaded with stuff that i’m afraid it will burst if i only give it a little poke. while trying to clean up the mess i discovered that i must have imported ammo twice.



so the grey markers indicate none of them is in use. though i’m using colliders and rigid bodies extensively… which one can i delete safely? (being afraid of going through the whole hierachy if something goes wrong). i assume i can delete ‘ammo2’ since there is one file less. i had the same issue once with basis. as far as i understood the grey markers show if an asset is in use based on the scene you have opened. that seemingly doesnt work like this for ammo and basis. idk if this is an issue for others but from an ux perspective i’d probably change the indicatoin for more clarity.

Hi @rtz23,

So the grey marker indicates that no entity component references those assets.

In the case of Ammo.js that is expected since it loads separately without any need of referencing.

But you need all three files to be covered, there are two libraries (.js/.wasm depending on the device support) and a third glue script (.wasm.js) responsible for loading Ammo. You can reimport Ammo from your project settings (Physics) to get back any deleted asset.

Potentially if you know that all of your devices support WebAssembly, then you may only keep the .wasm version which is faster/lighter and remove the ammo.js file.

he @Leonidas,
thanks for clarification. now i know which one to delete.

expected or not it is a bit misleading that the marker is set the way. as a user i don’t think about the deeper implications of referencing assets, but i see a grey marker that shouts ‘delete me’ …
but maybe it’s just me :wink:

Aha yes, the grey marker is quite useful but there are cases where the asset may still be required. Like when you are using multiple scenes or referencing assets indirectly (e.g. in code).