Ammo.js is not defined after change the attributes

Firstly,I have enabled the Physic;

Secondly,It is normal before I add a attribute to my scipts.After I add a attribute to the scripts and click the button of Parse, It didn’t work well; then,it show me a errot:Refference Error:Ammo is not defined

I confirm that it work well and everything is ok before I use scrpits.attributes.add()


Project link please?

I’m sorry ,i forget it…

It’s nothing to do with the attributes, just the fact you have Ammo objects in the global space:

// MyVehicle.attributes.add('Mass', {
//     type:"number",
//     default:1000,
//     // displayName: 'Friction'
// });
// 获取一个Ammo的向量数据类型
// console.log(Ammo,"this test Ammo...");
var ammoVec = new Ammo.btVector3();
// console.log(ammoVec,"ammoVec");
// 获取一个Ammo的四元数数据类型
var ammoQuat = new Ammo.btQuaternion();
var ammoTransform = new Ammo.btTransform();
var wheelDirection = new Ammo.btVector3(0, -1, 0);
var wheelAxle = new Ammo.btVector3(-1, 0, 0);

The parser in the editor can’t process the script with Ammo objects in the global space.

Thank you very much!
But,I have also a problem.
Why is it nomal before I change the attributes And the Ammo Object is used normally and there is no error;
When I have added the other attributes to my scripts,The Attributes Can’t display on The Editor,and show me a Error;

I want not to delete the Ammo Object,Because It is userful for me to Control Physics…

Maybe to use the local variable can solve my problem!!!
I will try

Thank you very much,your answer helps me to cross this problem!!!