Ammo Crashes with OOM

I’m sorry. This happens to me too.
I have a game that also uses Ammo JS (and THREE js) and it crashes occasionally.
After the “cows” in my game fall off the edge, about 30 minutes to 3 hours later the game starts crashing.
And even later, the browser dies. On a side note - the cow’s hitbox object is a BOX!

This is a PlayCanvas forum, not three.js. While we could potentially help as we use the same physics engine, this is really not the right forum.

In this case, it sounds the issue would be solved if you destroyed entities that have fallen out of the world using a trigger or world Y check

The internet lacks information on this topic, and this is the only place I found.
What I know for sure is that it’s something to do with the physics engine, I think there is info
on this here.

In which case, I recommend trying the advice below/above

Okay. I’ll add that in a later version.