AmbushGames: Error HUB. If I have erors, I post here

There are errors showing up and I need to know if they will cause problems. PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Could you please post all your errors in one topic, instead of creating many topics.
It does gets a bit annoying.

I just got these errors. I’m really not sure what you mean. Sorry for annoying you.

Create one topic, and post your errors and general questions in that single topic, instead of creating new topics for each problem you have. That way you going to have one single topic with people helping you, and there wont be many topics with very broad and unspecific questions that to be honest, do not benefit community what so ever.
Not trying to be rude, but you became a little bit too spammy recently.

Learning to code, has to be done on decent environment (computer), with heavy use of google, constant trial and error. Relying on yourself for most of the time during learning - is the way to go, you will develop great skills to self-learn.
Best developers in the world have exceptional self-learning skills.

I don’t have a good computer readily available. I would gladly use a Windows, but my little XP doesn’t do WebGL.

If you install Chrome on that little XP, will it run WebGL?

Possibly. Usually, Firefox runs WebGL, but I’ll try that. 'Course, I should’ve said “big XP” because it’s a pretty big desktop. I prefer Chrome anyway.

Why are the analog sticks not showing up? I’ve tried everything I can come up with.

How do you decrease the dt time so the script updates every minute?

There is no way to decreate dt time, as dt time is just delta between update frequency.
If you want to do some logic in update only every period, then you need to create time conditions. Use to get current milliseconds, and play with that.