Ambient Occlusion

How do I get a realistic image like this?
In fact, the part I produce of materials/textures/bumps is being done very well. But I’m not getting the realism because of the Ambient Occlusion.
So how do I get a perfect AO map?
In other programs like 3Ds Max / Unreal AO’s can be generated automatically.

Result I want to get:

Hi @DaniloBam,

If you generate such an ambient occlusion map in 3Ds Max then you can export it and use it in PlayCanvas. There is a slot for that in any PlayCanvas material. This page contains a guide and example on the matter:

Hello Leonidas.
I had seen this topic, but I found it too vast. Because in more recent versions of VRay, the way to create the AO image that I need changes a lot.
I don’t know how to get 3ds Max to give me an image as an open mesh and save it as a .JPG

You may be better of asking that in the 3Ds max forums. Given from the moment you do generate the AO image, then your job in PlayCanvas is pretty simple: upload the image and drop it in the AO material channel.