Amazon html5 game

On developer portal Amazon provides to add html5 games . Although I see nowhere , where I can play Amazon html5 game . Can anyone tell me, whether I should upload on Amazon or not?

Can you post the link on the Amazon page about this please? You can definitely host games on the AWS system with little trouble as the game is just a static page.

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No I didn’t mean AWS. I meant Amazon appstore.
I don’t see any place where games are played.

Can you provide a link to where it says that please? I can’t see any mention of it being on the App Store.

You could wrap the HTML5 game into a native app using or similar.

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Using gonative are you converting html5 to apk file ?

This page is for the developers who are developing apps for Amazon Fire TV Web Apps. Fire TV is a stick from Amazon that you can plug in to your TV to watch youtube, hulu, netflix, etc. You would have to use their SDK aside from Playcanvas app for proper integration.


Amazon SDK are required only if you want to use their features like ads , Alexa.
Otherwise we are good to go . Right?

I have no experience with Amazon Fire TV, so I can’t advice. If you have one, you can test your app using their webapp tester.

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Ok I will test it on webapp tester

@Ayushi_Gupta, in the screenshot you have posted, if you scroll a little down, there is a robust service for checking whether your app can be published on their store. See

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Yes you are right. I think they need an already hosted web app . I have zip file . I can upload zip file to Google drive . Paste that link to Amazon web app tester . And see if that works !.

Judging by the webpage, I think you will have to directly upload the extracted ZIP to their site, or use to convert it to an APK, and then upload the APK. Using the APK may be easier, since you only have to upload one file.

See the first and third options ^^.

If I upload zip to their site , I won’t have a url from which I can use web app tester. For that I need a link . Gdrive is good for that

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Here, you will have to give the URL of your published build on PlayCanvas, not a link to your ZIP file. It looks something like, but of course the alphanumeric code is unique to each project.

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Ok so you mean a url where game is playable. Like kongregate url , can also be used .
I don’t want to use my playcanvas url. Is there any other url where game remains private and I can test on Amazon web app tester ?

I’ve never tried the kongregate URL. You can give it a shot, but make sure to read their T&C before using it. Also, if you use the primary build link, no one can gain access to your project through it. I’m sure of the above, because that is how we always demo client projects. IMO, use the PC URL.

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Facebook url can also be used . But I don’t think they accept html5 games from small publishers

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