Am I allowed to use the Swooop sky model?

Hi there! So a while back I was looking at how the Swooop sky was being made and saw that it used a FBX model. I went to check the assets and saw that the model was available for download.

Am I allowed to use this in my project? I’ve gone back to the Swooop project and now see that the assets aren’t available for download anymore so I was wondering if maybe I shouldn’t have downloaded it in the first place?

Thanks and hope I haven’t done any harm :flushed:

If you’re just talking about the cylinder model for the sky? Then no problem. Best steer clear of the island and plane models though.

Hi Dave,

thank you very much for sharing this beautiful example project. For a project I also like to use a similar low poly nature landscape like the one of Swooop. I found this article in the wiki that lists different places to find assets. I also read that FBX is the preferred way to import 3D models in PlayCanvas.

Do you have an advice for me, where to search 3D models like the Swooop landscape that are almost ready to use in PlayCanvas? We need multiple landscapes for different projects and it would be great to save some work on our side by buying a prepared landscape 3D model.

Best regards