Am I able to do server-side coding in PHP?

Hello. I’m new here and curious.
Am I able to do server-side coding using PlayCanvas? I know I can use jQuery to do ajax communication between my playcanvas project and my server in PHP.
But, if I use free version of playcanvas that my app is hosted by playcanvas, how should I do serverside scripting?
Thanks in advance.

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To do server side, it has to be done on an external server with calls made from PlayCanvas to get data etc.

Thanks for replying me. And what kind is that calls being made from playcanvas? Something like ajax? Is it possible to call serverside methods on my server without facing cross domain policies?

You will have to set up your server so it can be called from and without being blocked by policies.

PlayCanvas is pure JS so you can do whatever is normally possible in the browser. Add jQuery, create and destroy DOMs, etc.

I see…
So basically I don’t really need to subscribe and pay just to communicate to my own server via Playcanvas? That sounds great!

Thank you.

Nope. As long as you are fine with your project being public, you are golden.