Alpha don't work on ios Safari

I have an issue, I have a video that have alpha and rgb,
rgb in upper side of video, alpha on bottom side, then i use emissionmapoffset and opacitymapoffset for combine emission and opacitymap.
It’s work perfectly for android, but on ios safari I have a bug. Alpha doesn’t work.

Hi @pekarnik,

Maybe you are using Alpha to Coverage on that material? That’s a WebGL2 exclusive feature, which isn’t currently supported on iOS.

Try disabling that and check again.

Just tried. didn’t work=(

Can you share a small sample project that reproduces the issue?

I created test project. Have a bug on ios to

Hi @pekarnik,

Not sure what’s wrong here, either having two video elements playing at the same time or mapping alpha from the video doesn’t work on iOS/Playcanvas.

Try raising an issue on the engine repo about it:

When i use 2 videos, one with rgb, second with alpha, its work perfectly at blend mode alpha.
But i cannot synchronize two video, it’s can have some lag sometime.