Allow user to launch the game from the script editor

Allow user to launch the game from the script editor.
You will make economy of 2 clicks witch were : go to editor page, press play.
You will also make economy of 1 other click when closing the play tab, because if you close play tab you end up in the editor and you have to click on the code editor tab again.
I’m used to VS code, I just have to press f5 to test, then alt+f4 to close app and I’m ready to code again without touching the mouse.

I normally have my launch tab always open so I can take advantage of the browser shortcuts to jump between tabs (Cmd + Alt + left/right arrow to move between tabs or Cmd + number key to jump to a tab) and then F5 or Cmd + R to refresh the tab.

It would be nice to be able do launch a scene from the Code Editor. Would have to think a bit more about the UX in terms of whether there should be defined scene to launch or would it come up with a list of scenes that it could launch :thinking:

Please do add a feature request to the Editor GitHub: