Allow devlog before publishing

I find the devlog as a powerful way to motivate yourself and to keep important notes so you don’t forget from session to session of development, unfortunately, it’s only available once you have published your project. I find I need it before publishing, just to motivate and keep myself accountable so I can get to a place where I can publish. Anyone else feel this way?

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Probably you have to use something specially designed for this purpose? Like, Twitter, for example?..

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You can do this from the project dashboard

He don’t want to publish his game.

The publish in that context is publishing the post, not the app.

No, he means project.

From what I understand, the OP wants to be able create a dev log without publishing the app which is what the dashboard devlog allows users to do.

But it says “you have to publish app to enable
Dev log”, doesn’t it?

No, its suggesting to publish the app to share to the community but you don’t have to to post a blog entry.

Actually, you do have to publish your project before you can post your first project dev log entry. The reason for this is to prevent 100s of messages appearing in the global feed saying “Test”, “Hello World”, “Creating an awesome MMORPG by myself!”. :smile: The quality of dev log entries definitely improved a lot after we added this restriction.

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Ah, my bad. I must of tested this on a project I already did a publish for :frowning:

By the way, how can I find recently published projects? Like, to subscribe for it’s log.

The closest thing to that is the ‘Most Active Projects’ page:

That tends to provide more interesting content than a vanilla list of published projects.

The link is broken :frowning:

Edit: is seems to work from profile -> explore -> active;

@will I’d love to see that back, without the entries that were made before publishing the project being made public. It would even be fine as another feature (like private notes, which could be for team mates only).

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