Align elements by pixels

I have a figma that has clearly stated the pixel space of padding, margins, etc. How would I align all my UI elements by pixel space that is outlined in the figma?

UI positioning is done in a scaled space according to the reference size on the screen component. I’ve not used Figma myself but it sounds like if your PlayCanvas Screen reference size is the same as the one used in Figma for the mocks, you can position elements/padding with the same values.

Is there a way to display in the playcanvas editor, the pixel space between elements like the edge of the screen?
IE. similar to:

edge of screen | - 50 px - | element

Pixels aren’t used, it’s relative units in the PlayCanvas Screen space. The position on the elements are in local space and relative to the anchor.

So you wanted an element to be 10 units on the left edge of the screen, it would be anchored to the left edge and the X position to be 10 units.

If you mean showing measurement bars in the viewport, I’m afraid not.

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Ah I see. Thank you