Aliasing problems in Play Mode but not in Edit Mode

Hi All! This is my first post in Playcanvas Forum and I have a weird problem with antialising methods. I´m working with a project that looks good ( without aliasing) in Editor Mode but, when I execute it in Play mode aliasing apperars. I didn´t have this problem when I did my first project (7 months ago). I tried to compare both projects ( first project vs current project) and i can´t find the options difference. I tried to add FXAA postprocess on my new project but the alising problem persists. I tried to use a Fixed resolution in FullHD unsuccessfully… On Mobile Devices this problem it is even greater. Any Solution?

Is AA enabled/disabled in the project settings? Also I would check if Pixel Device ratio is enabled/disabled too.

Finally i found the problem. All of PostProcess effects in PLaycanvas makes this problem. Disabling them the problems vanish