After upgrading, I am locked out from all of my projects

I upgraded personal plan ($15) to an organization plan, since I got warnings about the disk space.
But just realized that all the projects are locked at my personal account, and I don’t know how to proceed from here.

OK. Since I can’t spare any time, I upgraded my personal account to $15 plan again. (So currently I am paying double, Oh well) How can I transfer my personal project to organization project?

Oh, you should have been able to transfer your locked plans to the ORG account via the steps here:

Once you have done this, please send an email to and we can refund your new $15 plan sometime next week

Got it. Thanks! But I think the current workflow has to be smoothen. :slight_smile:

Yeah, unfortunately it’s due to the ORG not being an explicit upgrade to the Personal Account, it is actually a new ‘User’. Which means the whole process is clunky :frowning:

Maybe a mass transfer of projects option would make this a lot easier :thinking:

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