After tweening an entity, it moves longer distances than it should

I’m doing a Tetris-like game in 3D, so I can move pieces on the x and z axis, also the piece goes down every second until it reaches the end of the playable area and the game creates another piece.

I have a little area to display what piece is going to be available next. So when the activePiece (the one the player controls) reaches the end of the playable area, the other piece should move to the playable area and start descending, and the player can control it. Everything is working fine but the problem is that after the tween finishes, when the piece descends it doesn’t move by 1 unit, it does by 2 or 3 units, so it moves a lot more than it should, and they reach the end very quick. I’m using the tween library that playcanvas has on the documentation. I don’t know if doing a tween changes the values of any variables and then I should use another library or another method.

Do you have a public project or some code we could look at to help you further?

It’s a private project sorry, but I think I found the problem, the function to descend the pieces now is being called 3 times per second when it should be 1, I’ll try to find why. I just wanted to know if the tween changes anything in the entity like position, or size or sth. But the tweening is fine.