After The Flood Post Process Scripts Prevent UI From Rendering

I’m studying the After The Flood example to learn how the scene was constructed. I noticed that Text Elements do not render in the scene when the Root Entity’s post process scripts are enabled.

I don’t quite understand what is going on, is there a way to have the post process scripts ignore UI entitys?

Be warned, you are up for a challenge there, my friend :slight_smile: You should be aware that the project was made a long time ago. Not sure, 4-5 years passed? Some methods used there are no longer valid with today’s engine. Also, it was an effort of several people over a period of time, so you will see variations in the way the assets are managed or some chunks of code being patched to use the new engine features, while some chunks are kept old. Probably because the devs who made them are no longer maintaining it. Its pretty much a “use at your own risk” type of project :slight_smile: