Affect parts of downloaded build. Index.html, styles.css etc


Just wanted to check, is there any way within the playcanvas editor to affect the content of the app parts like index.html, styles.css and __start__.js files which are present when I download a build?

I’m trying to simplify our pipeline for deployment.


  • Björn

Hi @bjorn.syse,

No you can’t do this right now, the only file you can customize by providing your own is the loading screen.

Thanks, I understand!

You could use a script with our REST API that can download the build, unzip it, add/modify/replace the parts you need and zip it up again.

We do something similar here where we add CSP rules to the index.html:


Aha, that’s interesting. I’ll pass it on to the integration professionals and perhaps that’s something to consider. Thanks!