Adsense H5 Ads are only giving placeholders

I have taken reference from the following link to integrate H5 ads in my game.

I have used my ad-sense publisher id to implement these ads. Placeholders and other callbacks are working fine. But how could I get actual video ads instead of these placeholder ads?

Have you done the steps from the Setting Up section here
Google H5 Ads Beta Monetization | Learn PlayCanvas ?

If that does not work, you might need to reach out to Google support as its their product: Ad Placement API  |  Google for Developers

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Please do refer to the following link.

I have followed this link to implement interstitial & rewarded ads in the game.

Mock ads are working fine within the game but as soon as I comment out the testing mode the real ads don’t show up in the game and onReady callback never gets executed.

But this tutorial only provides the integration part with Playcanvas. Could anyone please provide the steps on how to configure the interstitial & rewarded ad ids along with whitelisted site that the game is hosted on in adsense dashboard?