Adress UV Problem in Firefox

Hey Guys,

I’m working on a project where users can upload textures to a server, which get mapped onto objects.
There’s also the option to offset and tile their uploads in various ways.
If a user chooses to use a tiling bigger than 1 (meaning the texture is smaller than the object), the texture should just repeat endlessly (=> adressREPEAT).

This works very well in Chrome:

but in Firefox none of the texture.adressU/adressV options seem to have any effect, its always like this (which resembles texture.adressU/V = 1):

Both browsers are freshly updated, here’s a little project to test it yourselves:

Thanks for your help!

Hi @jvAW,

Strange, seems to work on Windows/Firefox for me (v94.0):

The stretching of the image looks like a WebGL 1 issue if the texture is not power of two dimensions. Can you run WebGL Report on firefox please and post the report here?

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Indeed @yaustar is right, running it on a WebGL 1 context and the issue is there:

thanks for the quick responses! here’s the report:

is there any way to enforce WebGL2?

it should be enabled on default if your system supports it … which is a majority of desktops. What are you running on? Is your graphics driver up to date?

in firefox, go to this page: about:config
and search for webgl2

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seems to be enabled:

im using Win10 Pro (remote).
I also just checked on my local/private machine, it’s working there.

Okay, thanks for all your help!
We now know we need to include WebGL2 as system requirement and how to respond if this error should show up again.

You can close this thread :slight_smile:

you could also handle it for webgl1 devices by upscaling the image to power of 2 sizes on your server when uploaded