Adding player names in multiplayer experience

Hello, I made a multplayer experience but I want to add names to the avatars so that players can see each others name in the experience how can i do that? I am using PhotonEngine

visually perhaps something like this?

yes @mvaligursky but here i want to give user the option to write their own name which will be shown to other users in the experience because its multiplayer.

Check this: Text Input for PlayCanvas UI

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Will this work for multiplayer?

Well that’s for the local user to input his name.

From then you will need to network it across other players.

And at the end use e.g. a UI text element on top of its player to render the username.

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Any tutorial or code to show how to do it in multiplayer available for me so i can check it out?

Yes, here you go: Tutorials | Learn PlayCanvas

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The tutorial is not working i guess because i tried the example project there i tried to connect with different systems there was only one player joined