Adding Multiple meshes to a ball

I have a ball in my project. Artists have given 2 meshes, one for texture of the ball and other texture is to give shininess to the ball(as we are not using any light).
so, is it possible to make texture of the ball as rotating along with ball and texture used for shininess as a static(should not rotate along with ball instead should stay on top of ball)?

Hi @savyashree_a and welcome,

That’s quite an interesting concept, you can’t do that automatically with a Playcanvas material. What you could do is write a shader that re-calculates the UV coordinates for the shininess texture only, so the compensate for the active rotation of the ball. Making the texture reposition itself on the ball to give the illusion that it remains static.

If you aren’t feeling comfortable with shaders you can try doing this directly in Javascript and play with the UV address of the material. Here is an example on how to animate a texture.