Adding GitLab Connect to Code Dashboard

Are there any plans for adding GitLab connect to the projects in the Code dashboard?

I meant to post this in Answers but it is not loading most of the time and crashing when I try to sign in.

There are currently no plans to support GitLab. So you use GitLab yourself?

I am currently using Github and have being looking into setting up a GitLab for when the project exceeds the 1GB limit.

There’s nothing stopping you from using GitHub for your PlayCanvas scripts and GitLab for your assets.

That would be ideal however Git is not very well optimized for binaries, perhaps using dropbox for lossless assets and storing the compressed game versions in PlayCanvas asset dashboard could work, though I am not entirely sure on the ideal workflow for PlayCanvas.

Does PlayCanvas recommend any kind of cloud storage for lossless versions of assets? For example max, photoshop, and illustrator files.