Adding friends on Vk game

Can I integrate my game with vk friends invitation? I want a button on a game with which users can invite their friends to the game. How can I do this ? Dev docs for reference - .

They have a Javascript SDK, study their init guide on how to get started:

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I added in index.html. I created a button and used showinvitebox on that . On that button onclick I used function- function friends() { VK.callMethod(“showInviteBox”); } , what is it that code misses which has lead to function fall ?

Are you running your app inside the VK shell app, as required by the Javascript SDK? I don’t have any other experience with that SDK sorry, this is a question for them mostly.

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By vk shell app - you mean am I running game inside vk website through developer portal - yes I uploaded game to server and retrieved it on vk .
I have tried reaching them but I am doing it for a while now and couldn’t understand why is it not running in required direction .