Adding External Scripts to Settings

Hello I am trying the 8thWall tracking, and I have to add to Settings/External Scripts two links, but I don´t find how to add them, I tried pasting the links in the field, but it looks like it is only for show how many external scripts are added.

Thanks !!

Hi @Diego_Lopez-Mobilia,

Trying typing the number 2 on that array, then you will get two url fields to paste your links.

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Thank you very much Leonidas !!! you saved me :slight_smile:

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@Leonidas I saw one article(External Javascript) where it said the external URL got removed from playcanvas. Currently I am working on a project I see the external script option If I pass a URL there will it work?

It’s available, go to your project settings and External Scripts as you say and it will work:


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