Add Rigged avatar to the scene


am new to playcanvas, pls bear with me. we have an Rigged avatar (.glb) created.

Can somebody pls suggest how to add this avatar to the scene and perform some action like getting into the car or walking around.


Hey, as the file you mentioned is of type binary so you will have to use a method loadFromUrlAndFilename to load it. You can use this sample project to load the model.
For the animations, you can access the animation component and can play any animation you want by its name. You can read more about animations here: AnimationComponent | PlayCanvas API Reference


Thanks saif
As per yur suggestion we tried uploading the glb file bit seems the upload option is disabled
can u help us

You will have to fork the project and then make changes to it.

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That was very quick reply …thanks saif.

am able to render in the scene now.
could u pls suggest how to change the scene ?

You can take a look at these examples that show how to change scenes: