Add Repository Sync to PlayCanvas Editor

Most likely this was discussed and suggested already but for the time being it would be nice to have a Sync button too in the Editor, next to the script Refresh button.

As it stands now, I’m going to Visual Studio, making and committing changes, then in PlayCanvas exiting back to the Dashboard, selecting the Code tab, and Syncing. Then back into the project.

A button on the Editor would help tremendously.

Yes, I agree with you on this. It’s relatively recently that we stopped the Editor opening in a new tab from the dashboard (meaning that we introduced the ‘Return to Dashboard’ button in the top right of the Editor). Before, you’d just switch tabs to the dashboard to sync the code. Now you have to either open a new tab and navigate back to the dashboard or exit the Editor. This makes a sync button far more useful now. I’ll add a feature request to our database.

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