Add More Collision Types

This is just something that would help. I know there’s mesh, but I want collision types like basic slopes to be included in the engine. Uploading a model and having to use mesh can get really confusing, especially in a game like Sonic. This is just a recommendation. Some more roundish collision types would just help. Now, if you guys don’t plan to, or think it’s unnecessary, then it’s fine.

At this point, you may have to start looking at your own collision system rather than relying on Ammo.

PlayCanvas doesn’t yet support a 2D tilemap nor custom polygon shape meshes.

Typically, developers would use something like Tiled Map Editor and custom load the data with the sprite sheet to both render and hold collision data.

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Oof. Well, I’ll try and looks into that later. Right now, I really am not experienced with using external software in playcanvas as of now. I might look into using external tilemap softwares.