Add mixamo animation

Good day. Please tell me how to add, for example, an animation of climbing stairs to a ready-made character with its own animations. I am trying to do this from
And I want to add one of these animations

When I add to the file itself to the model with the .glb extension in the editor, I freezes the preview

Hi @Jest,

I think the third person example may be using an older/different skeleton. You may have to export the animation together with a skin (model) and setup from start the character controller.

Try first on a blank project to see if that’s the case and this resolves your issue.

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Thanks! It’s help!
Now maybe you could help, how to change character position exactly on that place where anumation end. Animation of stairs up

Ah, now for that you need to set In mixamo the following setting to true, before exporting:

  • In Place

That will make the animation scene at the same local coordinates and you can move the model yourself to match the steps taken.

For fully precise movement between the animation and the model vertices you will need to implement inverse kinematics (not supported currently by PlayCanvas).

@Leonidas, could you please help me again?:slight_smile:
Help cope with the jerking on the animation of climbing the stairs, please)![2021-01-18 16-52-15|video]

This is how i start the animation if ((e.key === pc.KEY_SHIFT) && (this.state !== 'runStairUp')) { this.setState('runStairUp'); }
This is how I move the capsule

if (app.keyboard.isPressed(pc.KEY_SHIFT)) {
        this.speed= 0.04;
        z-= forward.z;

Based on Third Person Controller

Hi @Jest,

It seems that this specific animation, even when selecting In Place on the mixamo configurator, it creates a slight upwards local movement.

Sorry I am not sure how to work around that. If you aren’t able to edit the animation in a modelling suite try using a different animation.

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