Add HTML/CSS file support to loading screen

Hi, I’ve noticed the current solution for changing the PlayCanvas loading screen is to write inline html and css inside of a loading screen JS file. Since we now have html/css files that you can create through the editor, could you include a html / css asset slot alongside the JS file?

I’ve tried manually writing a solution that takes an HTML and CSS file from the asset registry but sometimes has to wait for other assets to load first and isn’t useful.


With the loading page, you will either need to inline html/CSS/images or host the files externally as there’s no control in the order that assets load.

There is an another method which isn’t as instant.

Disable preload on the assets that are needed for the loading screen.

In the loading script, wait for the PlayCanvas application to be created and find the assets you need via the asset registery. Then you can use getFileUrl() to inculde within the loading screen.
is to wait for the asset registery to populate and then you can find the assets you need.