Add camera shake and vertical camera movement to recoil

i would like my already existing recoil to make the camera move up a bit and shake it a little to make it a little more immersive, here’s my already existing weapon recoil script

tell me how to make this work

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pls helppppp

pls frigen help

Please be patient for someone to have time to help if they have the knowledge @Deadshot1m24

Many people are volunteering their free time to help other users on PlayCanvas and sometimes they can’t help everyone.

at this rate i wont get help if i didn’t say anything my topic would’ve just been forgotten and overtaken by more “important” people

Given how much help you’ve had in your previous topics, that is a very selfish response

Here, you’ve had someone spend time over 3 days to help you: [SOLVED] How to Enable and Disable entity on mouse click - #41 by Deadshot1m24

This topic has barely been up for less than 24hrs and you’ve bumped it 4 times already.

Edit: Also, this isn’t like Discord where messages are transient. There’s an unread filter to see posts that haven’t been read yet: