Add background (and/or foreground) image to fixed position camera?

Is it possible to add a background image to a fixed camera? I’m looking to create a number of connected scenes similar in concept to those used in Grim Fandango - see …as this technique could greatly reduce the number of polygons, textures, lights, shadows, etc to be drawn to the screen, both reducing the download size and the performance impact on mobile devices.

Also, any suggestions as to how to go about adding a shadow catcher to help composite the models into the scenes with background images?

You could simply put Plane as a child of camera, move away from camera, and in code position/scale as needed based on Field of View.

Regarding shadows, you can make simple approximate geometry of the scene, and put it so that it from camera point of view matches your background image, then add blending “multiply” to that mesh and make it white, play with emissive color a bit. That way only shadows will be darkening what’s behind, while geometry will be white it will be invisible as Multiply blending will only darken stuff behind.

There are many techniques doing things like that, it is all about playing and experimenting.

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Thanks Max - that all makes sense. Not as simple as I would have liked, but not that difficult either. I’ve become so used to our tools doing everything for us that I often forget those lovely creative solutions that come through experimentation.

Someone who makes those tools, have to come up with all those creative solutions in first place :wink:

anything like this available as an example?

Hi @Aloragames,

Check this post on some ideas on how to do that:

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