Active/inactive when transparent enity materials


I wanna click hotpots to transparent entity materials. I uploaded model but it wasnt group parent- child like unity.
How to active/inactive ENTITY MATERIAL?
Thank you for any advices.

What do you mean by “Entity material”?

Are you trying to hide/unhide a sub mesh instance in the model that you uploaded?

Yes, that’s exactly what i needed. Different with Unity, I cant set active/inactive child of parent model in Playcanvas. Only 1 entity when I imported model (no child-parent).
Sorry because of my bad english

You can’t do it via the editor but you can do it via code as each sub mesh instance is another graph node.

See this thread for example: Simple Animation Blend

Edit: Just remembered you can’t enable/disable graph nodes to hide visibility Disabling entities in a node graph There’s something else that you have to do but can’t remember off the top of my head.