Accidentally deleted project

Is there anyway i can recover my project i just accidentally deleted?

Not easily no and perhaps not possible. What is your PlayCanvas username and what was the project name?

Think it was called Car Test.

it was my reference project where all my scripts were its not the biggest deal but it would be nice to have back


Good afternoon. I deeply apologize but I just accidentally deleted a project I was working on while cleaning up my projects folder. I have a lot of time into working on this, and am desparate not to lose it. I published to .zip, but I noticed on another thread that this is not possible to reimport.

I would very very very much appreciate any support you could offer.

Username is: EPROASIM
Project name was: Menu Test6

Thank you very much in advance if you could help.

You could manually recreate your entire project from your zip file. All your scripts will be in the __game-scripts.js file and your entire scene will be in a json file. Your assets should be in the files/assets folder.

Any tips on extracting the scene from the JSON file?

You can ignore your JSON file. It will contain the paths to the assets and project settings, like rendering settings, etc. You can simply set those up again in a new project. All the project assets you are interested in are in the assets/files. They will all be in their own folders. but you can do something like search folder for all *.js files for example, then select all and drag and drop to the new project. Same thing for textures or other assets your ZIP file contains.

Edit: you can consider the scene hierarchy as lost. There is currently no way to load a scene from an external JSON.

I would really like to get placement data back. It was chaotic splash design that took me a week to get right. It was all solid color image elements laid out a certain way.I still have the assets, but it would mean the absolute world to be to get what I had back.

Unfortunately, we are unable to restore deleted projects :frowning:

There is a reason for a big red warning that says the data will be lost forever and cannot be undone when you are deleting a project :slight_smile:


Is there any way to extract placement data from the published JSON file?

Not easily, no. You might be able to write a scene importer if you look at the editor source code in the browser. Otherwise your other option is to do it manually.