Accessing method for scripts

As a property, I have an array of entities.
Each entity contains a Tween script for animations.

How can I access each script individually, so far I have done that with event like and app.on

Hi @Dava,

You can easily access a script instance on any entity that has that script type attached like this:

// here we have an array of entities
entities.forEach( function(entity){
   // we access a script instance and update a property
   entity.script.myScriptName.speed = 3;
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It’s not working for me
In this code, I am calling a function from another script

And this is function in another script

and this is error i get

Hi @Dava,

Can you check at the top of your script if the script type name is indeed TweenMove or maybe it’s tweenMove?

Also make sure to call in the following manner:

// entity object -> script component -> script type -> method
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this.MainButtons[i] = my entity
TweenMove = name of the script
AnimTo = function

what is scripttypename ?

var Mouse = pc.createScript('mouse');

Here, scriptTypeName is mouse (the one from the brackets) and not Mouse.